KOI Tiger
Powered Speaker System
(Type 1) (continued)Tiger Subwoofer Control Panel

The Tiger Subwoofer...

  • uses advanced KOI technology to produce smooth, natural-sounding bass from a surprisingly compact cabinet that can be placed just about anywhere in the room.

  • features a proprietary high-reliability KOI Human PsychoAcoustic® amplifier module that utilizes the high air movement velocity generated by KOI’s patented Synchro-Balance-Bass system for efficient cooling without an expensive, bulky heat sink.

  • delivers deep, tight bass, fully capable of meeting the demands of today’s music spectra.

  • Tiger Subwoofer Front Panelemploys smart-electronics power-smoother technology for enhanced low-frequency reproduction.

  • features an elegant, small-footprint design to complement today’s lifestyles.

  • provides three sets of inputs with a range of sensitivities to accommodate multiple, switchable sources of various typesTiger Subwoofer Rear Panel.



The extraordinarily small size of the KOI Tiger—plus its laboratory reference-standard sonic performance—make it an excellent choice for numerous advanced applications.

In professional environments, for example, the Tiger can serve as a secondary close-field recording monitor in large studios, a primary monitor in smaller studios, an instrument amplifier/speaker, or a location monitor.

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