KOI Tiger
Powered Speaker System
(Type 1)

Originally introduced in 2001, the KOI Tiger is an innovative speaker system—the product of over five years of intensive research and development.

The original KOI Tiger described here is no longer in production and has been supplanted by a newer version (cf. KOI Tiger Type 2). However, the original Tiger continues to serve audio and music professionals and discerning music lovers the world over. The Tiger’s unusual ability to deliver astonishingly high sound quality via such compact components continues to make it an ideal speaker system for the most demanding applications, ranging from high-end consumer to professional monitoring.


The Tiger Satellite...

  • employs KOI’s unique HQ Driver—the world’s smallest transducer capable of full-range reproduction.

  • is characterized by an exceptionally smooth amplitude response.

  • delivers high power handling, high SPL capability, and high reliability thanks to patented KOI technologies.

  • features a compact, elegantly styled, zinc die-cast enclosure with unique physical characteristics that further promote uniform response and freedom from standing waves.

  • avoids localization in the room and delivers wider energy dispersion for better stereo in all listening locations.

  • is magnetically shielded for use near computer and TV monitors.

  • can be easily mounted on any wall or ceiling.

  • features sophisticated, modern styling that complements virtually any household décor.

  • exemplifies highly cost-efficient KOI design philosophy: the satellite has only three basic components which are assembled with one screw—by employing innovative production techniques, KOI products deliver maximum quality and value to the end-user.

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