KOI Tiger
Powered Speaker System
(Type 2) (continued)

The Tiger Amplifier...

  • accommodates a wide variety of input sources with convenient front and rear panel connectors.

  • features a sleek, compact design that enables the Tiger system to be easily installed and integrated in just about any listening environment.

The Tiger Subwoofer...

  • uses advanced KOI technology to produce smooth, natural-sounding bass from a surprisingly compact cabinet that can be placed just about anywhere in the room.

  • delivers deep, tight bass, fully capable of meeting the demands of a wide range of music spectra.

  • features an elegant, small-footprint design with many placement options to minimize living/working space intrusion.


The extraordinarily small size of the KOI Tiger—plus its laboratory reference-standard sonic performance—make it an excellent choice for numerous advanced applications.

In professional environments, for example, the Tiger can serve as a secondary close-field recording monitor in large studios, a primary monitor in smaller studios, an instrument amplifier/speaker, or a location monitor.


The KOI Tiger is currently available only in select worldwide markets via authorized distributors. Please contact KOI for more information.

Download KOI Tiger (Type 2) Information Sheet
(PDF document, 370KB)

Download KOI Tiger (Type 2) Owner's Manual
(PDF document, 525KB)


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