Toshiba SD-63HK Home Cinema System:
Features and Benefits

Patented HQ Driver (used in front and rear, left and right satellites)

FEATURE: With cone area less than 3 square inches, the KOI HQ driver is the world’s smallest transducer capable of full-range (wideband) performance.
BENEFIT: The driver’s compact dimensions make possible elegant product design as with the SD-63HK. Sound imaging is significantly enhanced because of the near-point-source geometry.
SD-63HK satellite speaker featuring KOI HQ driver

FEATURE: The HQ driver is also characterized by exceptionally smooth amplitude response over a wide range of the audio spectrum. Moreover, it exhibits excellent dynamic linearity and, hence, very low distortion.
BENEFIT: These characteristics result in not only superb sonic accuracy but also outstanding speech intelligibility—an important factor in home theater applications.

FEATURE: The unique shape of the KOI HQ driver cone was developed with the aid of sophisticated computer algorithms. The geometry minimizes resonance modes, which contribute greatly to non-linear behavior in conventional circular cones.
BENEFIT: The SD-63HK system reproduces a wide range of program material with a remarkable lack of coloration, especially in the critical midrange. Voices, ambience, and sound effects are reproduced with superior realism and an exceptionally natural quality.

FEATURE: KOI’s patented heat transfer design employs advanced materials and an innovative physical configuration that reduce voice coil operating temperatures, thereby significantly increasing power handling capacity.
BENEFIT: Unlike other inexpensive satellite speakers based on small drivers, the SD-63HK system is able to reproduce the full dynamic impact of demanding source material.

High-Precision Low-Profile Center Speaker Driver

FEATURE: KOI has developed an extraordinary oval driver for the SD-63HK center channel. Using a specially developed cone and long-life surround material, this driver delivers exceptionally smooth response through the critical midrange—a characteristic that has historically eluded even the most carefully engineered oval cone drivers.
BENEFIT: The speaker reproduces movie soundtrack dialog with the requisite power and clarity. While the form factor permits unusual design elegance, the main benefits conferred by this KOI driver are outstanding naturalness and intelligibility of human voice. It makes the difference between a home cinema system that delivers long-term user satisfaction and one that is superficially impressive.

Sophisticated Ported Enclosures

FEATURE: The SD-63HK front and rear satellite and center speaker enclosures employ ports that have been developed using KOI’s proprietary computer-aided design techniques. They improve low-frequency efficiency while minimizing the sonic artifacts caused by typical port designs.
BENEFIT: Improved upper-bass output from the satellites enables crossover to the woofer at a lower frequency, delivering cleaner, more accurate reproduction of the lower midrange (e.g., the male voice). The woofer output also becomes truly non-directional, which is not the case with inexpensive small speaker systems that typically rely on the woofer to reproduce much of the midrange content. Such systems also frequently exhibit sonic colorations caused by poor port design, a problem circumvented in the SD-63HK by advanced KOI technology.

Please see Additional Engineering Notes for more information on KOI ported enclosure design.

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