Toshiba SD-63HK Home Cinema System:
The KOI Factor

The increasing popularity of home theater systems built around flat large-screen direct-view monitors, flat panel displays, and front and rear projection systems is fueled in part by the growing availability of affordable high-quality audio/video program sources—in particular, the DVD. The multichannel digital audio sound tracks associated with such program material make significant demands on the speaker systems employed.

While many large speaker systems and powerful multichannel amplifiers have been developed to meet these demands, it is a mistake to assume that such products appeal to all purchasers of large video displays. Quite to the contrary, larger screen sizes make smaller speaker designs more attractive to design-conscious consumers who wish to minimize living space intrusion.

Toshiba and KOI have observed that most of today’s small speaker offerings cannot produce the high-intensity, integrated sound that matches the size and quality of the best video displays. It is obvious to even the casual listener that the many inexpensive small powered speaker systems now flooding the market are hopelessly outclassed by the larger, more expensive home theater speaker products.

The SD-63HK system is the result of a concerted effort by Toshiba and KOI to address the need for better sound without bigger boxes. For its part, KOI has applied its unique, patented technologies to produce an exceptionally compact full-range powered home theater speaker system. Its size is deceptive. The KOI design delivers a high-quality surround sound experience normally associated with component systems of far greater size, complexity, and cost. Compared to other small speaker systems, the superior acoustic performance of KOI designs, as exemplified by the Toshiba SD-63HK system, is easily demonstrable to the home cinema consumer.

Key System Benefits

  • System delivers true “high-end” sound quality previously unavailable in such a space- and cost-efficient design.
  • Highly simplified “plug and play” modular design makes setup and operation extremely easy.
  • Compact components make the system virtually “invisible”—ideal for use with flat panel displays and projection systems.

Please see the following pages for a more detailed feature/benefit discussion.

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