A Meeting of Minds…
A Melding of Technologies…
A Home Theater System for Discerning Eyes and Ears

In the fall of 2002, members of the Toshiba UK and KOI product development teams met to explore possibilities.

A joint project made sense. Toshiba is a recognized leader in video technologies—one of the developers of and a driving force behind the DVD, and a renowned manufacturer of world-class computer and television displays. The combined audio-video product development and manufacturing know-how that KOI and Toshiba would bring to the table should give birth to exciting, new solutions for the home entertainment consumer.

Thanks to the accelerated engineering and design capabilities of the KOI and Toshiba teams, the Toshiba SD-63HK Home Cinema System—the first result of the joint effort—went into production during the last quarter of 2003. The first production units were delivered to retailers in the United Kingdom and select European countries during the first quarter of 2004.Toshiba SD-63HK Home Cinema System

Comprising a full-featured system control unit—which includes a multi-format DVD/CD player with AM/FM tuner—and a powered 5.1-channel surround sound speaker system designed by KOI, the SD-63HK package promises standout performance and value in a market segment overpopulated by unremarkable product offerings. The entire system sports an elegant high-tech visual theme developed by the Toshiba industrial design team.

For more information on the entire SD-63HK system, please visit the Toshiba UK Web site.* To see what the press has to say about the SD-63HK system, please visit our Reviews section. For more detailed information on the speaker system designed by KOI, please use the links below to access the following pages.

*KOI cannot guarantee accuracy of information regarding the SD-63HK system presented by parties other than KOI—in particular with respect to the powered speaker system portion of the design. Should product claims exceed or otherwise differ from those represented within the KOI Web site, interested parties are urged to contact KOI for clarification.

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