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KOI Tiger Roars in Japan

Soon after its world debut in Japan, the KOI Tiger (Type 2) gained recognition among Japan's top audio critics. The reviewers were astonished by the ability of the diminutive KOI Tiger to deliver sonic performance comparable to much larger high-end speaker systems.

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Little Giants of HiFi: It was a Close Encounter—as if a UFO came and dropped off this amazing system. Because all of the components of the Tiger system are so small, I was so surprised by the sound. This high-end micro component system filled the room with such rich sound, all of us were in disbelief. The KOI system excels at conveying the emotional content of good music. Listening to Rachmaninoff, Stravinsky, jazz, big band, and various vocal artists, I felt as though I were listening to a much bigger speaker system. The Tiger produced such realistic sound, I thought I was in front of a live orchestra.

Hiromi Wada
Audio Basic
Summer 2007, Vol. 43

The KOI Tiger delivers richly balanced sound across the frequency spectrum, which is unbelievable considering its compact size. You can hear the excellent sound quality of the HQ driver—the soundstage is wide and powerful. We never expected a palm-sized satellite speaker could produce such accurate, fully-balanced sound. Its expansive sound is comparable to larger, more expensive speaker systems—the KOI Tiger holds its own against the finest high-end audio systems. Worth a listen for sound quality alone.

Stereo Sound
Summer 2007, Vol. 163

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