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Toshiba SD-63HK an "Unqualified Success"

Reviews of the Toshiba SD-63HK system in the UK speak to the success of the KOI-designed 5.1-channel home theater speaker system. Recently, sister publications Essential Hi-Fi & Home Cinema and What Home Cinema accorded the SD-63HK Best Buy and Editor's Choice status, respectively.

The speakers are developed by the American company KOI, and are attractive and pleasantly weighty… Home cinema audio is excellent for an all-in-one. The KOI satellites merge seamlessly with the subwoofer to present a cohesive soundstage that thoroughly convinces. Whispering sound effects, multiple audio layers and deep rumbling bass are clearly defined, making this one of the most engrossing sub/sat performances we’ve had the pleasure of listening to… Overall, Toshiba’s system is an unqualified success. [Verdict: Five Stars]

Essential Hi-Fi & Home Cinema (UK)
August 2004

The SD-63HK is the result of Toshiba’s collaboration with KOI, an American specialist audio company, and the system employs KOI’s unique Human PsychoAcoustic Technology. The collaboration has clearly paid off; the SD-63HK fills the room with a well-balanced sound that could easily rival more costly separates setups. The soundstage is rich and expansive, the satellites and subwoofer provide an enjoyably integrated sound… Musically the SD-63HK is an accomplished performer. Its big soundstage fills the room and has plenty of bass depth… [Overall Rating: 90%]

What Home Cinema (UK)
August 2004

AEGO Accolades

(Please note that KOI has had no involvement in the development of products in the AEGO Series other than the original AEGO2 and AEGO P5.)

The AEGO Series of active loudspeakers represented in the review excerpts below are products engineered by KOI, utilizing KOI's first-generation HQ driver and Human PsychoAcoustic® technologies. They are part of the outstanding Acoustic Energy lineup of speaker systems. Excerpts of reviews on the AEGO Series are provided below. We urge you to visit the Web sites of the mentioned publications for full information.

Whether it's Stravinsky's "Tango" or Kate Bush's "Running Up That Hill" the sound is smooth and solid, having a particularly excellent midrange and a rare cohesion from the lowest frequency upward. Rounding things off is an even tonal balance and a low frequency performance of pleasing power, which means musically this package is as unfussy as they come... Verdict [Five Stars]: In the AEGO2 Acoustic Energy has produced a fine-sounding stereo sub/sat package with no competition at this price.

What Hi-Fi? (UK)
April 2001

[The AEGO P5] is the best-sounding home cinema in a box solution we've heard, offering a level of authority, cohesion and impact that eludes any rival. ...the midrange presentation is excellent, the top end smooth and focused, and there's plenty of control to the low-end. In short, it sounds good... Verdict [Five Stars]: So good it sells itself: a truly outstanding compact home cinema solution.

What Hi-Fi? (UK)
May 2002

For a small speaker, the AEGO [P5] turns in a similarly healthy and big sound, one that is perfect for home cinema in a small room. The speakers sound rhythmic and detailed, but don't have the extended treble characteristic that can make systems of this type sound tinny. [Rating: 5 out of 5]

Home Entertainment (UK)
May 2002

I've heard dozens of systems like this, and was quite prepared for the usual vague, wimpy sound... But what poured forth was what I would have to call high-end audio. The AEGO2 had an absolutely stunning, detailed, and believable midband, and delivered a soundstage that was large, and freed from the constraints of the tiny boxes. The system had genuine dynamics and could play impressively loud with no hint of strain or compression. Images were three-dimensional and nuanced... The system astounded me.

Michael Fremer
March 2001

This modest system with immodest sound is a legitimate high-end product in that it remains faithful to the absolute sound... Whatever that patented technology might be, it doesn't do only the imaging thing. It's even better at tonality. In fact, the most striking characteristic of the AEGO2 is its rendition of instrumental timbres. It sculpts the sound of a human voice with realism.

Tom Miiller
The Absolute Sound
February/March 2002

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