KOI Technologies

Proprietary KOI technologies result in speaker designs that deliver numerous benefits to our customers. Many of these technologies are patent-protected; others are simply impossible to imitate. KOI systems comprise innovations in every aspect of speaker design, including enclosure, drivers, amplification, and signal processing. They deliver a listening experience unequaled by competitive products—a difference that is immediately discernible to auditioners.

Human PsychoAcoustic® Technology

The basic physics underlying the acoustical behavior of loudspeakers has been well understood for decades, and it is unlikely that new principles will be discovered no matter how much money is expended on research. KOI believes, however, that there is much room for development in the understanding and application of psychoacoustics—the human perception of sound.

KOI has extensively sampled today’s music, measuring energy spectra and environmental noise levels in order to optimize perceived performance. KOI has applied the information gained from these measurements to the design of compact enclosures with high-efficiency drivers and matching electronics that deliver superior acoustic performance.

Click here for HPA Amplifier informationA prime example of this unique approach is KOI Human PsychoAcoustic® amplifier module, shown at right. This remarkably compact system component incorporates not only up to eight channels of high-quality amplification but also proprietary active equalization technologies that dramatically affect perceived sound quality.

The application of KOI Human PsychoAcoustic technology results in speaker systems that sound “correct” to the human ear. Revealing program content, such as human voice and acoustic instruments, is reproduced with great accuracy, making extended listening sessions untiring and pleasurable.

KOI Human PsychoAcoustic technology is patent-pending and lies at the heart of KOI product design philosophy. To gain additional insight into the unique KOI approach to audio system design, please read our Design Philosophy White Paper (PDF document, 55KB).

Other KOI Technologies

Reports on other advanced KOI technologies, innovations, and design philosophies will be added to this section in the future. Please revisit this page again soon.

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