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Beyond the Tiger

The Tiger is a “flagship” product that effectively showcases KOI design philosophies, technologies, and capabilities. The design features and components of the Tiger are building blocks that are being scaled and reconfigured to address a broad range of industrial and consumer applications, such as business presentation products and multichannel home theater speaker systems.

The “flat” TVs, computer displays, and video projection systems that are now being marketed and refined will require superior audio performance with much smaller speaker size to minimize living space intrusion—a requirement that KOI is uniquely poised to fulfill.

Unequaled KOI driver miniaturization technologies and proprietary space-saving bass module designs are also ideal for automotive and other mobile applications.

KOI is actively developing new products in these and other market categories. New offerings will be added to these pages as they become available. Please revisit this page soon.

Exceptional Home Theater

A dynamic collaboration between KOI and Toshiba resulted in a superb new home theater system, introduced in 2004. Read more about the Toshiba SD-63HK Home Cinema System here.

Custom Applications

Audio manufacturers, systems integrators, and value-added resellers: You can benefit from extensive KOI know-how and experience.

KOI offers its OEM partners the following benefits:

  • Patented breakthrough technologies that translate easily to user benefits and product differentiation
  • Sonic performance and design elegance that are readily perceived as value-added advantages
  • Highest product reliability, built in at the design stage to ensure long service life
  • State-of-the-art and proprietary construction/production technologies to ensure the most cost-effective manufacturing
  • Professional support for associated marketing, advertising, and public relations activities

Please contact KOI for more information.

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