KOI HQ Driver Technology

Product Benefits

The performance of the KOI HQ driver is unprecedented. Never before has a transducer of such small size been capable of such full-range response at such high sound pressure levels. The driver’s small size not only makes possible unusual product designs and applications; sound imaging is significantly enhanced because of the near-point-source geometry.

The HQ driver is also characterized by exceptionally smooth response over a wide range of the audio spectrum. Moreover, it exhibits excellent dynamic linearity and, hence, very low distortion. These characteristics result in not only superb musical accuracy but also outstanding speech intelligibility—an important factor in home theater and public address applications.

ApplicationsHQ Driver Back

The diminutive size of the KOI HQ driver coupled with its extraordinary wideband performance make it ideal for a range of applications. These include…

  • Home theater systems, where multichannel reproduction and the attendant need for multiple speakers are often at odds with room décor. Satellite speakers based on the KOI HQ driver can be almost invisible while delivering (in conjunction with a subwoofer) the requisite bandwidth and sound pressure levels for dynamic surround sound reproduction. Center channel speakers based on KOI HQ driver technology deliver excellent speech intelligibility, making it unnecessary to use unnaturally high volume levels to comprehend dialogue.

  • High-performance car audio applications, where the HQ driver's small size facilitates adaptation within the confined automobile interior space.

  • Portable sound systems, such as business presentation public address systems, where primary speakers based on KOI HQ driver technology can deliver superior speech intelligibility with vastly reduced size, weight, and complexity.

  • Multimedia playback systems, where high-quality, full-range reproduction is required for demanding A/V entertainment, music composition, and gaming applications. Systems based on the KOI HQ driver deliver impressive sonic performance in compact designs, making them demonstrably superior to today's typical multimedia speaker systems.

Market Impact

The KOI HQ driver will facilitate and accelerate the application of KOI’s patented technologies to the car audio, home audio, home theater, business, and multimedia markets. The HQ driver comprises innovations in manufacturing technologies that have elevated quality standards far above current tolerance limits. These technologies will enable KOI to create products that will define and meet market needs for the next generation of audio.

Download HQ Driver Technology Report (PDF document, 50KB)
Download KOI Design Philosophy White Paper (PDF document, 55KB)

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