Human PsychoAcoustic® Amplifier

The application of KOI Human PsychoAcoustic® technology results in speaker systems that sound fundamentally “correct” to the human ear. KOI Human PsychoAcoustic (HPA) amplifier modules incorporate proprietary circuitry developed through years of research to ensure the most accurate sound reproduction.

Technical Highlights

Exceptionally Space-Efficient: Surprisingly compact, the HPA amplifier nevertheless delivers a total of 360 watts peak power (45 watts x 8 channels).*

KOI Human PsychoAcoustic Amplifier

Highly Power-Efficient: The HPA amplifier is an 8-channel modular unit of such high efficiency that it can be powered by 12-volt automotive-type batteries for mobile and portable applications.

High-Reliability Design: Because the power circuitry operates at high effciency, heat generation is minimized. Each HPA amplifier module employs 32 power FET output devices, which further ensures long-term reliability.

KOI Human PsychoAcoustic TechnologyOutstanding Performance: Each amplifier channel delivers full-bandwidth performance with a frequency range of 20Hz to 25KHz. Distortion at less than 0.02% is comparable to high-performance component amplifiers many times the size, weight, and cost.*

Robust Construction: An advanced KOI shock and vibration protection design provides an extra measure of insurance against the unexpected, ensuring trouble-free operation and long service life. Furthermore, the HPA amplifier is fully protected against output short circuits, under- and over-voltage conditions, and overheating. A power on/off mute function is provided to suppress annoying and potentially damaging transients.

Remarkably Cost-Efficient: Despite its highly sophisticated design, volume production parts of proven dependability are employed wherever possible to achieve the best cost-performance ratio and long-term reliability.

*Stated power output and distortion represent performance under laboratory conditions with a resistive load. Actual performance in system applications will be dependent on numerous factors. Please see our Design Philosophy "white paper" for information regarding the KOI position on power output specifications.

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