Downloadable Files

Most of the documents available here for download are in the Adobe Acrobat (PDF) format. Please make sure you have version 7 or newer of Adobe (Acrobat) Reader installed on your computer.

Adobe Reader is free and can be downloaded via the following link (click on logo):
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Product Information

KOI Tiger System Data SheetKOI Tiger (Type 2) Powered Speaker System (370KB)

KOI Tiger System Data SheetKOI Tiger (Type 1) Powered Speaker System (88KB)

KOI Tiger Specs & WarrantyKOI Tiger (Type 1) Specifications and Warranty (22KB)

Technology Reports and Position Papers

KOI HQ Driver Tech Data SheetKOI HQ Driver (51KB)

KOI Design Philosophy White Paper“White Paper” on KOI Design Philosophy (55KB)

Owner's Manuals

KOI Tiger (Type 2) Owner's ManualKOI Tiger (Type 2) (525KB)

KOI Tiger (Type 1) Owner's ManualKOI Tiger (Type 1) (97KB)

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